Hey all, after god knows how many years I tried to register on the Steelers forum and it never going through, this is the first forum I have joined!

Life long Steeler fan since 79' when they faced the Cowgirls for the second time in the SB. Wasn't a football fan at the time, but one day on the way home from school, all the kids were chanting Cowboys #1, Cowboys #1..yadda yadda. Only one kid was chanting back Steelers #1 so I joined in with him. My brother didn't like this and just before the game itself, he bet me a dollar neither of us had. One of the best Steeler memories I have was him crying after the game and my dad giving me the dollar. I have been a Steeler fan ever since and he a Cowboy fan. I got the better of the deal!

Great to be here!