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Thread: Hines Ward released!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchool58 View Post
    ps: If I live to be 120 years old I'll never forget Hines laying out Ed Reed with a nasty *** decleat block. That one play made me proud to be a Steeler fan for the rest of my life.

    That made me smile!!! What a great moment that was...Hines is a great football player and all around great guy...I would love to see him come back as a coach

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dee Mca View Post
    We will never truely know whats going on. I am still holding out hope that they offer Hines a deal in next couple days at league min. So he can retire a steeler. Then turn around and offer him a job with the team.
    can this happen??
    man this sucks!!! one of my all time favorites. thanks for the memories and your dedication! it pisses me off that they let Ward go and still have slaps like kemo and david johnson on the roster.
    i predict Ward plays more snaps next season than manny "i can't stay healthy" sanders.
    oh well, business is business. my steeler flag is at half mast today
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has just left the building!

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    With all the chatter a few weeks ago, the inevitable happened. Its sad for us Steeler fans but I just read a great article on about Ward's production last year. Sure Hines brought more then just on the field value to a team, but take a look at the article and what they display there is just about all you need to know on why he was/will be released from his current contract.
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    This is a double sided coin.......

    A. It will be terrible to see him in another uniform

    B. The cap space was drastically needed and he isn't what he once was

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    as much as i agree it was time to move on i hate to see it end this way. thanks for the memories hines you will truly be missed. #86 forever. once a steeler, ALWAYS a steeler

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    you were a good player man but i think its time to retire man sorry

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    Won't be the same without Psycho 86, we'll all miss him here. Even if he ends up with another team, he'll still always be a Steeler!

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    I know many will disagree, but I think this stinks. He had alot more to offer than just on the field. I hoped that the organization would have found some kind of spot for him. I may have to rebel by continuing to wear his jersey this year.

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