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Thread: Belichick Nonsense

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    Wink Belichick Nonsense

    After the Indy/Pats game did you notice the perfunctory handshake with Manning afterward the AFCCG? One of the reasons I will NEVER admit that perhaps BB is the premier coach in the league is because he is RUDE and COLD. He needs a Dale Carnegie course in how to influence people. If you don't feel it..fake it.There's a lot of kids watching these games and coaches should act respectfully toward other coaches and players. BB is a very COLD appearing person, I hope he finds help for this so he can be happy and treat others with respect. Maybe he does on the inside but it definbitely appears that he has no feeling toward anyone in the World. I could always feel the closeness of Cowher and Rooney and also his closeness towards the players.
    With BB I get nothing but frostbite.
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    Lyn...I completely agree Belichick is an ***. He has no class at all. He doens't even report injury reports likes he is supposed to. I remember a few years ago when someone was hurt on the Patsies at Hienz Field. Our trainers went out there as they always do to see if the team needs anything and BB cussed them right off the field. Then of course they needed something from our trainers and he was a complete jackass about it. He is classless!!!!

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    Bill Belichick is a cold, angry, pathetic excuse for a human. He may be successful on the football field, but he is a colossal failure as a person.
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    i think we should make willie parker eat lots and lots of cake so we have a power running game

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    BB is also a home wrecker!!! I have no respect for the guy!

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