Todd Haley was the right choice & the only choice just as Mike Tomlin was that choice 5 years ago. 5 years ago The Steelers were dealing with an open position,aging players and tough decisions that needed to be made. It had been said that they(owners) felt current in house coaches wouldn't be able to cut beloved players. Judging from how they all flocked to Pittsburgh West the owners were right and that is why they went outside of the organization an Hired Mike Tomlin.
Now, The Steelers were faced with the same situation open position,beloved aging players and tough decision that need to be made. Therefore, Pittsburgh followed its new blue print and Hired outside of the organization to help make those tough decisions. Who better than Todd Haley who like Mike Tomlin will do whats best for the team to win. Todd Haley is a fiery coach who has already stated "if your sensitive this isn't the place for you". He will do whats best for the offense and will not have the emotional attachment to aging players.
The Steelers Owners also realized that The teams Offense needs to improve its red zone efficiency and Ben needs to be reeled back in and have less control over the Offensive playbook. IE; "tweaked". Todd Haley will get the best out of the offense and help cement Ben's Hall OF Fame career. I look forward to seeing what Todd Haley & Mike Tomlin can do to improve The Offense and can only hope that Keith Butler has more control over The Defense.