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Thread: Good days of work buys the players another perk

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    Cool Good days of work buys the players another perk

    Another good day buys a perk
    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    LATROBE, Pa. – Two good days in a row bought them some extra time tonight.

    After Wednesday's second of two practices, Coach Bill Cowher called the team up and announced that curfew was going to be extended for one night. The cheer that resulted was as loud as anything heard from the fans lining the hillside today at St. Vincent College.

    "There was an extended curfew, which at this point in camp, was a positive statement from their perspective," said Cowher. "This has been two good days. We have Family Night tonight, and there are no meetings.

    "It's been a good camp. These guys are working very hard. I think we're getting a lot done. We've picked it up. Young guys are starting to get as better feel for what they're doing. You can sense that. The speed was always there with the first groups, but you're seeing it permeate through the team, where guys are starting to become more comfortable with what they're doing. "

    It's good to see the camp going well and the players getting some extra rewards for their hard work. As long as they continue to stay focused we should end up with a successful camp by the time its over.

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    Sounds like some good news coming out of camp. The players do deserve a break here and there but it is always great when they really earn it.

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