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Thread: Ariens promoted to OC

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    i don't know, i think tomlin is the rooney's puppet, he hasn't really done nothing on his own, he's keep everything pretty much the same..........
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    Thats sucks Darren Perry resigned. As a kid Perry was one of my favorite players with the Steelers. I always thought he was under-rated and didn't get the full credit he deserved. Its understandable since he was in the same secondary as Rod Woodson and Carnell Lake.

    I thought Perry had a future as a DC. I'm sure he will coach for another team.

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    I don't think it matters who the QB coach is, its all on Big Ben. You either got the work ethic or you don't. It's all about want-to. If he's not motivated to get better after throwing 23 interceptions then, well, I don't know what to think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
    i don't know, i think tomlin is the rooney's puppet, he hasn't really done nothing on his own, he's keep everything pretty much the same..........
    I disagree with the puppet comment! That is not fair to cast judgement before a single game is played. This guy was hired (just like Cowher) for his abilities to motivate players and for his defensive prowess. Until you see how our players respond to him you should hold back your judgements! Give the guy a chance! I think the only coach that Bill kept throughout his 15 year tenure was Dick Hoak the RB coach (who is a close personal friend of the Rooney's). Assistant coaches will come and go under Tomlin just like they do everywhere else. The more successful Tomlin is as a HC the faster the assistant coaches will be offered jobs by other teams. Its the NFL way! When any team is enjoying enormous success the other teams start circling like vultures over your players and coaches. Look at the Patriots.

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    I don't think you took koopa's comments right. He is in favor of Tomlin, he is just saying that he hasn't changed as much as people thought he would and that he is probably consulting the Rooney's before making a choice.

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