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Thread: USC O-coordinator Kiffin to be Raiders next coach

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    Al will probably meet him in the closet every so often, like Ford meets Millan, I mean look there has to be something going on we will never know!~
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    Until Al Davis steps down or kicks the bucket no coach in Oakland will have success and Al hasn't the slightest clue that he has turned his beloved franchise into the league laughing stock.
    Good luck Lane'll need lots of it.

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    Sarkisian fom what I've heard turned down the job offer(of course Al will tell a different story). When Sarkisian bailed, Davis went scrambling after Kiffin(Davis needs to take lessons on "How to hire a coach" from the Rooneys) Another puppet in a smoke filled magic show.....

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    That's what I heard as well on ESPN radio, that he turned it down but Al Davis said the offer was never made. Yeah right Al, you just can't find anybody to coach your pathetic team and work for a dumbass owner like yourself. !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
    they need to draft russell, and then trade moss and porter for some decent draft picks and then work on the oline and a wr or 2 in the draft........that defense is solid so there isn't much work they need to do there, maybe a tweak here and there but over all it's pretty badass
    With all of that work, they might as well put Raider Uni's on the USC Trojans. Seeing as they won't be playing for anything for a while, if the Bush deal goes as haywire as I feel it may.

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