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Thread: Todd Haley Press Conference Today at Noon

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    I'm also Stoked that we now have son feistiness back in the clubhouse. I was excited to see Tomlin excited. I think they like he said enjoy being a Mystery to everyone. I wish Ben would STFU! He needs to know that it's no longer his show. However, Haley said he's going to start with a clean slate. I Believe Ben & Haley will work on the playbook together but Haley is BOSS.
    I like that Ben is in PIttsburgh getting treatment and trying to get in better shape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    Ben has a habit of saying things that don't always come off right in print but usually end up being not quite so bad if you can hear them in audio form. Be that as it may I too was reading between the lines when I read Ben's comments and thinking to myself that he might have been able to choose better words.

    I"m not worried about Ben. He will fall in line.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    The site's appears to be having some issues.

    In regard to the Haley interview it is online @ the official site for viewing.

    As someone who is worried about such a major change to a successful team I gave to say his presser was impressive. He's not a newbie to this scene and you "get" that he knows what he wants to do. I also think Tomlin will benefit from Haley's coaching experience as he does from DL. The fire can't hurt either. The one thing I've seen missing the last year or so it that fire to win. Haley can bring it!

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