What does everyone think about moving M.Pouncey to Guard and picking up a starting Center? With the injuries that Pouncey and his backup Legurski sustained perhaps grabbing a Center and putting our Pro Bowl Center at Guard would solve many of the lines problems. By drafting a Center/Guard it will allow us to Draft Defense in the 1st,Center in 2nd,DEfense in 3rd,Defense in the 4th,TE in the 5th,RT in the 6st, FB,Punter & Kicker 7th.

We need OL,ILB,NT,FS/SS and can always use a CB!FB,TE and Punter & Kicker. Moving Pouncey would be a nice option. Centers to draft Peter Konz,Ben Jones & Mike Brewster.

What DO you guys Think? Grab a Center or there will be enough Guards in the 2nd round?