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Thread: Steelers 19th best next year??

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    The steelers had one losing season since 2000...amazing...such high standards they are held to....with Ben we only had one yr where we werent good in 06 due to Motorcycles...even 09 we hit a bump and were in the playoff race.....but I do see a possibility of the 1998-2000 season where we had 3 off years to rebuild..Im hoping not, but we dont fix the O and D line, we are in trouble...and we are in the best Division in FB with the Bengels only getting better

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    Agreed the Steelers have age in certain areas, but 19th really? Well everyone has opinions and I guess we all know what Peter's opinion resembles.
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    So instead or reading this I just want to say that last season some idiots picked us to finish 8-8 behind the Clowns so take it with a grain of salt...

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