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Thread: Steelers 19th best next year??

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    Steelers 19th best next year??

    According to this "expert" the Steelers will come in around 19th next year behind the likes of the Seahawks, Jets, Falcons Cowboys, Broncos, Titans, Bengals, Cardinals, Eagles, and Panthers… this "expert" has the Steelers sharing similar seasons with teams like the Colts and Vikings. It really bothers me that this guy actually gets paid to write garbage like this… Just thought you guys might find it interesting, maybe a little maddening like myself.

    Just so you dont have to click this is what was said about the "trending downward Steelers" (that were AGAIN 12-4 last year)
    Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers finished with the third best record in the AFC in 2011 but showed their age.

    James Farrior, Troy Polamalu and Hines Ward are clearly not the players they once were, the offensive line was a mess, and injuries to Ben Roethlisberger, Casey Hampton and Rashard Mendenhall hampered the team down the stretch.

    The Steelers are only getting older, and outside of a few positions (wide receiver, linebacker), it’s about time to start looking to refresh and upgrade the depth chart across the board.

    Todd Haley is an interesting hire as the new offensive coordinator, and we’ll see how he gels with Big Ben.

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    I can't say I'd agree that there are 19 other teams in the NFL that are trending better than the Steelers are. Or that the Steelers are only the 19th best team in the league. Both of those statements are a crock.

    He is right that the Steelers do need some youth injected in key areas but it's hardly cause to say they are trending downward. The youth on offense particularly at receiver, Ben throwing for over 4,000 yds. this year, the positive change in the secondaries play are all reasons to be excited.

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    I thought his analysis was spot on.

    Steelers did show their age. Players were a step behind and prone to injury.

    Farrior and Ward are clearly not the players they once were. I thought that was a little unfair to Troy. He was making plays all year once agan, but did seem like he was a half step off from making a lot of big plays.

    Injuries to Hamption, Ben and Mendenhal did hamper the team down the stretch.

    "The Steelers are only getting older, and outside of a few positions (wide receiver, linebacker), it’s about time to start looking to refresh and upgrade the depth chart across the board." That's 100% accurate. They need to bring in new players, get an infusion of youth and upgrade the depth chart all over (nose tackle, DLine, OLine, Linebacker, Safety)

    I have no problem with his analysis at all.

    I do think he was a bit too optimistic with the Ravens. They are suffering the curse of age as well and don't have a powerful offense to fall back on. Ray Lewis is 36, and while he hasn't seen the injuries like we have, he's not the player he once was. Ed Reed is 33.

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    I have no problem being an underdog. If he ranks us 19th in the league, that's great. All the more reason to step it up this season.

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    looking at our schedule, and the changes to be made, I don't think this is too far off.

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    Yeah I dont know if this guy is far off. Steelers are another year older which never helps. New offensive coordinator. And the worst part is, our schedule. It isn't easy. We can never seem to stay healthy. I dont know and neither does anyone really. I just dont have a good feeling about next year. I also dont know if it would be a bad thing to have a down year. We need better draft picks. Im not saying 3-13 or 4-12 but a down year would be okay in my book.

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    pretty retarded but also pretty premature.

    steelers are probably gonna win the north next year imo, they were on fire before ben got hurt and i credit the early playoff exit (and not getting the bye) to that

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    I don't buy this guy's analysis for a minute. If you go see where he had the Giants ranked before this year, I bet they were not in the top ten either. Hahaha.

    He doesn't know what he's talking about because we have free agency and the draft to go through. So how can he know how much better or worse we get? He's guesstimating. He's no different then any of us making predictions.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    This is all conjecture it means exactly nothing. Even the article on Tomlin's silence is a reach but people need stuff to write about.My take on Tomlin's lake of words is there is nothing to say really if you think about it.Yes i know he hired a new OC but does that mean he has to have a press conference. He doesn't say anything in them anyway.I would prefer my head coach be out scouting and working with the scouts to find some talent.

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    i just dont see a huge drop off this year. The team needs to get younger and faster. What better time than when they need to get under the cap? I mean NT and Guard are the two greatest weaknesses. Beyond that what are the major holes that would cause such a drastic difference? With Mclendon in there for Hampton's 30 snaps how much worse are we? Two games less? That makes us 10-6 and still in the playoffs. Thats before we even factor in the draft where most teams, abet not the usually the Steelers, can find an actual starter in the first and many times second round. We have young up and comers in the YMC, the DBs and we have a lot of young players coming off IR that i want to see begin to contribute like Carter, Brown, and Batch. I just dont see any way this team is so much worse than they were the past decade. They have a mix of young guys as well as veterans.

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