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Thread: The Voice Says...Super Bowl XLVI Preview

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    The Voice Says...Super Bowl XLVI Preview

    Just a few years ago the New York Giants stunned the football world by knocking off the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Here we are four years later and the two teams will square off in a rematch for the Lombardi trophy.

    Last time out the Patriots were undefeated and had the highest scoring offense in NFL history. The Giants were a wild card team from the NFC that no one outside of New York thought had much chance of winning. .Plaxico Burress famously predicted the Patriots wouldn't score more than 17 points which drew laughter from Tom Brady. It turned out Plaxico was right.

    The Patriots once again come into this Super Bowl as the favorites to win. While I would never rule out victory by a team led by Tom Brady, this should be a close matchup just like we saw four years ago.
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    No matter how well the Giants are playing right now I just can't rule out Belichick in a big game like this. If there is anybody that can gameplan to expose your weakness and hide his own, it's him.

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