Concussion, broken neck but now it's healed or was it ever broken in the first place... but now it's soft tissue damage. Can somebody make up their mind and just fix this dude or at least figure what the deal is?

Sidney Crosby was reluctant to share stories with his teammates about his weekend. While they had several days off or played in the NHL All-Star Game in Ottawa, the Penguins captain was again addressing the health issues that have troubled him the past 13 months.

"Basically, my break was spent in doctors' offices and MRI machines, stuff like that," Mr. Crosby said Tuesday. "I didn't have an exciting break, but some of the guys did, so it was more talking about that."

Mr. Crosby had news to share, though, potentially important news. After consulting with spinal trauma expert Alexander Vaccaro and others in his growing medical team, he learned that he has a soft-tissue injury in his upper neck.
Not a broken neck, past or present.

Maybe not even a concussion anymore.
It's possible his latest symptoms -- trouble with motion and balance -- are caused by the neck injury and not a lingering or new brain injury.