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Paul Posluszny ILB/OLB Penn State 6-2 229 Sr. - Welcome to Pittsburgh !

I cant say I actually agree with any of your picks you have coming to us.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers
Darrelle Revis, CB Pittsburgh 6-0 190 Jr. - There's no way that we would take a CB in the first round when it's not a glaring need for us. McFadden and Taylor will start next year, Townsend with be the 3rd CB. I can see us maybe taking one in the 3rd round possibly.

47. Pittsburgh Steelers
Brian Leonard, FB/HB Rutgers 6-2 235 Sr. - No way this happens either, there are far too many backs to be had on day 2 that are gems to spend an early round pick on one when we have Parker and Davenport already.

79. Pittsburgh Steelers
Dallas Baker, WR Florida 6-3 206 Sr. - I do see us taking a WR in this draft but not in the 3rd round even if Cedric Wilson does go that still gives us Hines, Holmes, and Washington as our top 3. We could possibly take one to give us a solid 4 group, with the 3rd round pick but..

Last season pass coverage (CB play) was a major problem. Ike Taylor took a giant step backwards. McFadden is a solid starter, but Townsend has seen his day. Townsend will be fine as the starter next season, but beyond that he'll be more suitable as a nickleback. Behind Townsend is Colclough and Iuwoma...no thanks. Usually it takes a rookie CB a full season to get acclimated and suitible to start. Revis and McFadden in '08. A hole Revis could immediatly fill is punt returner. Holmes showed flashes of brilliance at times, but also put the ball on the ground alot.

Leonard is not your typical RB. He's a HB/FB/3rd down back. He would back-up Kreider and be his evenyual replacement. Kreider has been beating up his body for a while now. 2-3 more years will be it for him. He could be a great 3rd down, short yardage and change of pace back. Davenport is a FA, so he may be gone.

Dallas Baker is an excellent WR. He would be a good #3 for alot of teams. For the Steelers he would be #3. I don't care for Cedric "throw the flag" Wilson or Nate Washington.

OL has alot of young depth that for some reason people are unaware of. Essex, Colon, Kemouatu, and Phillips. All were impressive in camp and in spot duty.