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Thread: Tomlin's credibility and word take a huge hit...

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    Tomlin loses no credibility in my book. Heck of a coach!

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    I am still not convinced this wasnt MT's decision. He said that he anticipated the coordinators coming back, but its football and things could change. He gave himself an out. Also, Tomlin didnt lie. BA wasnt getting his contract renewed and so he said, "I am retiring." Tomlin just quoted that.

    BA decided to come out of problem.

    Exactly! Sports figures are forever retiring, unretiring, considering retirement etc. Move on!

    Actually, I consider this is a win win win situation. Good for Ben, Good for Arians, and Good for the Steelers.

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    It just occurred to me. Would anyone's credibility be questioned if they said they think "Brett Favre retired" any one of at least a dozen times the past several years.

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    I'm somewhat anxious to hear from Tomlin at some point this offseason but the way he prefers to steer clear of the media I don't expect it to be anytime soon. Something else to watch for, when the team announces their Offensive Coordinator and has a presser we'll see who introduces him; Rooney or Tomlin or both.

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