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Thread: Keith Butler now headed to the Colts too... aka Pittsburgh North

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    Not completely a done deal yet but based on recent comments from Butler about wanting to run a defense it just seems like a formality.

    Steelers linebacker coach Keith Butler said today he will interview on Tuesday in Indianapolis to become the Colts' defensive coordinator.

    Butler turned down an offer two years ago to be the Miami Dolphins' defensive coordinator to stay with the Steelers. However, his contract with them expires Feb. 15, and the Steelers gave the Colts permission to talk to him about joining new head coach Chuck Pagano.

    Butler said today he will listen to what the Colts have to say, but that him leaving the Steelers "is not a done deal." If he does become the Colts' defensive coordinator, he would join former Steelers colleague Bruce Arians, who accepted the job to be the Indianapolis offensive coordinator over the weekend.

    Butler, 55, has been the Steelers' linebackers coach since 2003.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelersbabex25 View Post
    LeBeau might literally be the DC till he dies.
    As long as Tomlin doesn't have the guts to be actually a head Coach of the Steelers, I'd rather have LeBeau there for the next couple of years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibleedblk&gld View Post
    I'm glad coach is staying for a long time

    @jimwexell: LeBeau has no plans of retiring anytime soon. "They'll have to throw me out of here," he said 2 wks ago.
    Throw him out and Hire Keith Butler. Losing Butler is BS

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelchamp204 View Post
    DL schemes are old, just like him. He needs to hang it up. He is just as predictable on defense as BA was on offense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LevonKirkland99 View Post
    As long as Tomlin doesn't have the guts to be actually a head Coach of the Steelers, I'd rather have LeBeau there for the next couple of years.
    I'd rather have Keith BUtler.. Keeping LeBeau was

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    Pittsburgh Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler will interview with the Indianapolis Colts for their vacant defensive coordinator position Tuesday, according to league sources.

    Smith: Recent hires don't quite fit

    There have been a flurry of new hires around the NFL. And while Jason Smith doesn't dislike any of them, he writes that some could have been matched better to their situations. More ...

    Butler's contract is up in Pittsburgh, although he has been in negotiations with the Steelers. Butler is highly respected and has long been viewed as the successor to defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, who goes year-to-year on his contracts but is showing no signs of slowing down.

    Butler, however, is eager to run his own defense, the sources said.

    The Steelers continue attempts to retain Butler, but the Colts, who recently hired Chuck Pagano to be their head coach, are very interested.

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    Butler has to looking forward and seeing the colts with their new OC and where it will lead him... flashbacks... he better perform super well as the colts dc to keep BA looking good as an OC...

    the steelers need to sign him and make DL a consultant or something....

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    I respect and love LeBeau but I want the old man to that Butler is leaving but don't blame him at all.........

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    lol the only guy i wanted promoted from within....figures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelchamp204 View Post
    DL schemes are old, just like him. He needs to hang it up. He is just as predictable on defense as BA was on offense.
    THIS, atleast we are slowly but surely getting rid of BC staff,Tomlin needs to bring in sum fresh new blood with simple schemes especially on defense so we can get our young talent on the field soonerI will however watch KB and c how he does in Indy if he takes the job.
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    He obviously was not satisfied in the organization. These kind of moves tell a lot and are a good indication of why things didn't go to well for the team this year. Feelings and emotions are always going to get injected into the scheme (read games) of things. And it did. Even though we got 12 big ones, the resources to get there were totally exhausted in the end, both players and coaches. The Steelers just couldn't go any further. BA and others knew the writing was on the wall way before the fans did and just barely finished out their contracts etc.

    And their fans.

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    It's not the end of the world plus they aren't set up to run 3-4 but it is kinda ironic that they hire the ravens dc as there hc and he picks all steelers to be his coaches thats a ringing endorsment of the ratbirds

    i bet you he doesn't go
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    He hasn't even been offered the job ,just like BA. He's going to talk to them,doesn't mean he's goin ,maybe trying to use it for some leverage here.

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