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Thread: Roethlisberger afraid for his job? Some think so...

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    I've never been Bens' biggest fan, but the guy does his job every Sunday for us. He plays hurt, sick, and behind possibly one of the worst O-lines in the league.
    I can remember the days of Bradshaw when people were saying the same things. He had plenty of off field f**k-ups and had the reputation of basically a dumbass the whole time he played. That said, I loved him then and I love him now.

    Ben is a QB, and a good one. Unless he goes off the deep end and takes the entire organization with him, let's leave him alone.

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    Ben should be afraid of his OL, and that is all... He's the starter and that won't change.
    afraid for his job??? REALLY?? who's going to take it??
    Batch?? get real!!!
    Leftwich?? see prior comment
    Dixon??? GET A LIFE!!!!
    Oakland, Where Careers Go To Die!!!!!

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    Ridiculous, yes, of course.

    However I just noticed the Steelers have 6 QB's listed on their roster. It will also be interesting to see how this years draft unfolds.

    Certainly Ben is the starter. But, maybe now with the acquisition of Troy Smith and the return of Leftwich, the Steelers will not be as reluctant to give a battered and/or a faltering Big Ben a rest.

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    ben afraid of who?

    their are no QB's available to take Bens job so I dont get the question.....Rodgers, Brees, Brady...Eli, Stafford???...theirs only 7+/- QB's in Bens league or bettter and their not going anywhere

    Mat Flynn?? Ben and gamble with Flynn, thats the only logical possibility, and thats not logical...

    so how can Ben be afraid for his Job may I ask???

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    If he could only put together another rookie season (remember that) and another SB. He ain't afraid and he ain't goin nowhere. Some people.

    And their fans.

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    Shirley you CAN'T be serious?
    Last edited by Dobre Shunka; 02-01-2012 at 12:42 AM.

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    Child, please.

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    I've heard some incredibly stupid things but this theory takes the cake. I even had to talk sense to some clown on youtube who was flipping out when we signed troy smith. I'm like what are you flipping out about? He goes because they're replacing ben with troy effing smith! If this was in person I would have smacked the moron upside the head. Good god does anyone use their brain anymore?

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