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Thread: Ben looking for answers from Steelers-Rooney

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelspikes View Post
    Recent remarks by Ben Roethlisberger are disturbing. Last night at the Pro Bowl he referred to Bruce Arians (BA) as "family." Last week he claimed the Steeler offense was "close to being elite." Both remarks indicate distorted thinking and perception.
    I'm curious: since BA is old enough to be Ben's father, is that the family member he thinks of him as?
    BA gives toys to his son and says: go your toys up and down the field...have a ball...don't worry about that nasty end zone...what matters is that you have fun and get plenty of exercise (aka yards). Go nuts.
    Ben to BA: I love you, Dad.

    Ben's use of term "close to elite" to describe the Steeler offense is so far removed from reality that it raises the question: just how seriously have his concussions affected his cognitive abilities? Steelers ranked in bottom third of NFL in scoring in 2011 (20 ppg). In the Red Zone they were even more pathetic.
    So now the Head Toygiver has been given his walking papers, and the player is pissed. He wants answers from those evil usurpers, the Rooneys.
    The Rooneys need to come to their meeting with Ben armed with facts and numbers that clearly demonstrate the following: that the Steelers have been carried by their defense for years, that while they've had elite defenses, they have never had an elite offense under Ben/Arians, have never even averaged the 25 ppg. that might lead one to suspect that an "elite" offense was emerging; that under five years of BA the Steelers averaged 22 ppg. In other words: mediocrity.

    Under Ben/BA what was the identity of their offense? It often resembled sandlot football, with far too many drives ending with low percentage heaves downfield, seemingly in frustration after the bubble screens, stretch runs, and all-too-frequent sacks left them in hopeless third-and-long situations.
    The Rooneys need to be blunt with Ben and tell him something like this: Look Ben, we think you are great. We love your skills. But it's time to refine them and become a mature NFL QB: one whose game isn't over-dependent on the big play, the quick score. We need a plan of action: a system that produces points and decisive wins, not just excitement and yardage. In other words: we are sick and tired of living on the edge.

    Bottom line is this: if Ben isn't up to the task, then it's time to move on.
    How old are you? If you're not old enough to remember Kordell Stewart and Neil O'Donnell, then go watch some videos. If you are old enough to remember Kordell Stewart and Neil O'Donnell but you weren;t watching them or forgot, then go watch some videos.

    You should get a job at ESPN. They love people who make stories out of nothing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steelers_All_Day_43 View Post
    Just a little.

    Quote Originally Posted by elephantman View Post
    ^I disagree....20 points is pathetic with the weapens they have...and i dont want to hear the words "O Line"
    So Eli Manning and Brady don't have a comfortable 5 or more seconds in the pocket every time? Oh okay.

    Quote Originally Posted by steelspikes View Post
    The thing about Ben is that in 2007 (his best year scoring wise) the Steelers put up 24.6 ppg. Touchdown Tommy Maddox put up 24.4 ppg. in 2003.
    This is where those videos that I told you to watch before will also come in handy. You know who Maddox's wide receivers were that year? A guy named Hines Ward in his prime and another guy who only trails Randy Moss in most yards per catch for his career. You remember that guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelspikes View Post
    Really just looking for a little "tough love." The thing about Ben is that in 2007 (his best year scoring wise) the Steelers put up 24.6 ppg. Touchdown Tommy Maddox put up 24.4 ppg. in 2003. So where's the huge improvement? Steeler fans have become accustomed to mediocre offensive scoring.

    What I am trying to say is that we need to step it up. What we had under Noll were elite units on both sides of the ball. Roethlisberger needs to develop discipline and an offensive system that other teams fear. We don't have that now. Smart coaches know how to shut down the Steelers's offense, which is over-dependent on the big-play, i.e., low percentage deep throws.

    Play-calling under Arians was predictable and un-creative. So happy he is history.
    I have been a huge Big Ben fan, but am tired of the sandlot style which this year yielded only 20 ppg. We need to find out if he can mature into a style that consistently produces an elite level of scoring: 27-30 ppg. So far he hasn't shown this ability.
    How many times were drives killed thanks to stupid penalties by his OL?....Kemoeatu should be nicknamed the drive killer........ I'm so sick of hearing all that Ben just plays sandlot ball....That is BS and Ben has grown to be a damn good pocket passer........Fix the OL and I mean really fix the OL which can actually provide a consistent pocket from time to time......

    The Steelers started the year with Jonathan Scott at LT and had to settle for Max Starks off the scrap heap when Scott once again proved he isn't worth a pot to **** in.....Starks was an improvement but Max has never been a great OT......Throw in that fat worthless stupid sloth Kemoeatu and the injuries to Pouncey that plagued all year and the Steelers interior offensive line was a total mess.......

    How many QBs do you think can thrive behind the Steelers joke of an offensive line?....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    How many QBs do you think can thrive behind the Steelers joke of an offensive line?....
    That's the only question everyone needs to ask when evaluating Roethlisberger, and if they name quarterbacks like Brady and the Mannings, then they're just idiots or they don't actually watch enough football games to know how miserable this offensive line really is.

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    We got a glimpse of what Ben could do behind an offensive line that actually blocked for him. Yes it was in the Pro Bowl but just seeing him actually with time to drop back, find a target, and get rid of the ball without being killed was nice.

    Ben is as good as any Quarterback in the league, I really believe that. If you put him behind an offensive line like the Patriots or Texans or Packers have for example, he'd be lighting up the stat sheet just like anyone else.

    He and Eli Manning are a lot alike, they both got killed regularly this season but they keep coming back and don't get rattled.

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    I thought Ben had a pretty lousy year this past season. With that said I also think he could and will tear it up with the right playcalling and or some damn protection (from him and his oline).

    Ben holding the ball too long in that Brown's game while his ankle got rolled up cost us a trip to the SB this year. He needs a COACH to help with his decisions!

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