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Thread: A shout-out from the FNG

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    A shout-out from the FNG

    Hey everyone, just putting up the new guy post. Been a Steelers fan since as far back as I can remember, growing up in a house of Cowboy fans. It's all good. Made for some spirited conversations at the dinner table! The worst was that one Super Bowl where... well, you know...

    Anyway, looking forward to the offseason chatter. Hopefully wothout the egotism of the other 'hidden' board.

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    and enjoy the site and Post away

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    Welcome to SteelerAddicts!!!

    I admit I don't post too much on SA, Matt is on here all the time, haha. I can tell you from knowing some of the members here and reading from time to time you don't have to worry about ego's around this place. Everybody has a good time.
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    WELCOME to the BACK and GOLDEST site on the web !!!

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