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Thread: Rooney Wants "Old" Style Offense Back

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    BTW- its not even important anymore to stop the Look at all the playoff team defenses. You have to go blow to blow with these teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    If Caldwell ends up getting the job, don't be shocked to see the Steelers draft a FB this year and really put an emphasis on running the ball.
    I'd be fine with this. A FB provides more options and disguises plays much better. I don't think we'll be a "run dominant" team like some people fear .... as if we'll somehow abandon the pass. (sorry, ain't gonna happen).

    I think we'll place more emphasis on 3 areas with an "old school" mindset:

    1) Retooling the O-line to be the traditional Steeler "road grater" run blockers.

    2) Play selection on 3rd and short and "short" yardage situations in general will change.
    We will go back to "power" formations which include a true FB to serve as "the hammer". Better conversion on 3rd downs translates to controlling the clock and red zone production.

    3) You will see a huge improvemetn in our play action passing which will also translate into improved red zone production.

    ...... All of these are traditional Steeler things we got away from from under Airans.

    How can you NOT be for this?
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    I think we're all for this, and I personally would love to see a FB on the roster again. I thin Redman does a good job in short yardage when they use him, which isn't near enough. Giving him a full time lead blocker would just add another dimension to the team that they haven't had in a long time.

    There's no way they completely abandon the pass, you'd be essentially wasting the talent of 3 top flight receivers if you just run all the time. The battle cry for 2012 should just be simply, "BALANCE"

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    Be smarter to pick up a FB in free agency. We have way too many other pressing needs then to use a draft pick on a FB
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Great. And all we (fans) want to see is that weeny comish disappear from planet earth. All would be good in the world then.

    And their fans.

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    Toby Gerhart is a free agent. Anyone think he'd be a good pick up?
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