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Can we send a Fedex letter the the Ravens facility thanking them for that Lee Evans pick up?? Hahahaha

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The Ravens won the turnover battle and still lost.

This is the first playoff game where the team that won the turnover battle lost. I don't care what you say, that is a sign that your offense can't get it done. Simple as that.
I agree that while Joe Flacco did play well in this game and I wont totally put this loss on him the Ravens offense failed and failed miserably at key points in this game to make the big significant plays to put them over the hump. I really think the Ravens needed this game to be in Baltimore and they would have had a better chance to win this game probably would have won. The Ravens can blame the losses they had to bad teams such as the Jags and Seattle on the road as the main reason why they werent the 1 seed and didnt have that game in Baltimore yesterday instead of in Foxborough. Their offenses in both of those losses were terrible and a main reason as to why they lost those games.