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Thread: Thank you Bruce Arians

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    I'll hold off on the cursing .Football is the ultimate team sportif one guy doesn't execute it's BA's fault . so ta ta Bruce!!

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    His 3rd and short game plan wasn't that bad. Normally you just hand it off to Redman and let him get the first down. Now the times where he goes 5 wide or tries to run one of those end arounds, yes that drove me nuts!!

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    I appreciate his work, but can't say "thank you". He had me scratching my head and/or pulling my hair out in frustration too many times.
    Bleeding Black and Gold since 86'

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    Time for Ben to Grow up and not rely on Sandlot football all the time. Can't wait to see who we hire as an OC. MArk Whipple? Tom Clements? Randy Fichtner? Todd Haley( I doubt)? Brad Childress? Jim Caldwell? Hue Jackson?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Go 'Lers View Post
    Yes, that's right. THANK YOU

    I truly mean that. And while many greeted the news of Bruce Arians retirement with cheers, I can't help be appreciative of the work he has done. He did help win a Super Bowl and, most importantly, bring our offense into the 21st century.
    we won super bowl 43 IN SPITE of arians. and really, how did he bring us into the 20th century? we've gone backwards in terms of points scored. we've scored more points with ron erhardt and the blind jackass behind center in 95, under chan gailey with mike tomczac and kordell, under mularkey with kordell and maddox and ****, even during ben's rookie season when we ran more times than any team since the 84 rams. the way i see it a mouse turd could do a better job than BA..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Go 'Lers View Post
    Yes, that's right. THANK YOU

    I truly mean that. And while many greeted the news of Bruce Arians retirement with cheers, I can't help be appreciative of the work he has done. He did help win a Super Bowl and, most importantly, bring our offense into the 21st century.

    We'll benefit from finding a more suitable OC but think about his accomplishments (seriously). The Steelers offense used to be a run first, ask questions later mentality...then run the ball some more. He successfully developed a more open passing attack and let Roethlisberger reach his full potential.

    His play calling wasn't always understandable, but that's why we're the ones watching on tv and he was on the sideline.

    So thank you Bruce, and happy trails!
    Come on man seriously,your ****ing with us right?This dirt bag gave me fits with his play calling.I swear this guy had maybe 3-5 plays at the most. HB run,that ****ing stupid bubble screen,long bomb and punt bc none of the above worked.All i can say about BA is YOUR OUT OF HERE

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    in all seriousness, BA scripted the first 15 plays. after that the offense always bogged down. he could never make adjustments, he could never call a consistent game, and he, more often than not, fell in love with the deep ball even when he never tried to set it up to be successful.

    without the improvisational skills of Ben, this offense would have done absolutely zero in production.

    ask yourself, how many times did ben drop back to pass and complete a throw on a play that worked out the way it was designed? the vast majority of the time, ben had to buy time for a receiver to work his way open. BA's route distribution was horrific. he was able to allow one defensive back to cover 2 players. or have 2 players run into the same area bringing 2 or more defenders into that area.

    he hardly ever game planned for an opponents weakness. he never developed a run game...and believe me, it wasn't the o-line's fault.

    if the next OC turns this offense into the juggernaut that it can be, arians might be hired as some other teams defensive coordinator. because he'd be the only person available who could stop the steelers offense.

    good riddance sucked every place you've been, and if you go any where you'll suck there too.
    "Today, I'm officially retiring a Pittsburgh Steeler. And as much as I will miss football, my teammates, coaches and everything about the game, I don't want to play it in any other uniform. The black and gold runs deep in me, and I will remain a Steeler for life."--Hines Ward

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    Totally agree.
    Didn't like playing to the level of competition. We should have blown teams out but just didn't score enough in the red zone.

    Bye Bye BA!

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    Bruce should be thanking Ben for putting him on the map.

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    If you want to thank BA for something thank him for the Ravens, thank him for the Patriots, thank him for the Packers, thank him for the Giants.......on and on!

    As far as the Steelers **** HIM! He held back what could have been the one of the best offenses in the history of the NFL and more importantly, he held back what could have been one of the greatest "teams" in NFL history!

    His idiotic use of the talent in front of him was criminal and, in my mind, is the single biggest chink in the armor of the Steelers front office for keeping him around!
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