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Thread: Breaking News: Bruce Arians officially announces retirement

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    Wow dreams do come true lmao

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelers75 View Post
    Yep, that's what it means, all right.

    Moron is reserved for the two people that took the time to raise you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nolrog View Post
    It sort of takes you in the direction that the poor OL play is at least partly a factor of his coaching style (perhaps as much as it is a function of the linemen he has.)
    It's a possibility that I wouldn't rule out. I used to think it was fact, and blamed many of the sacks on the predictability of the pass due to a severe inconsistency with rushing plays. But because the protection seemed to get considerably worse once Faneca left, I have to believe the personnel on the line is definitely part of the problem. They may be exposed even more with the play-calling.

    It's not just the sacks. Sacks don't reveal how bad this offensive line is because Roethlisberger's ability to scramble saves him from even more sacks that other quarterbacks would never be able to escape. Then you also have to factor in all the times he just throws it away or makes a horrific pass because the sack was right there.

    He rarely has comfortable time in the pocket, not even 3 seconds sometimes.

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