I learned one thing and had another suspicion confirmed.

First, I received confirmation that referees aren't stupid. They don't make bad call. They do however make calls in order to help one team or another. Whether their decision to make those calls based on personal reasons or because the NFL sends down orders is the question.

If the Giants lost that game, it would've been robbery. That overturned fumble reminded me of the overturned Polamalu interception against the Colts in the 2005 postseason.

Second, the last play of the first half is evidence that the NFL is a completely different league, and teams can either conform or be left in the dust. Instead of attempting a 44 yard field goal, Coughlin orders a 37 yard Hail Mary, which ends up getting caught for a touchdown by a receiver in triple coverage.

What did this show? It showed that Coughlin, a very smart head coach, understands that this league is now a passing league. With the lack of offensive holding calls, and the abundance of defensive holding, pass interference, and illegal contact calls on the secondary, a Hail Mary from 37 yards out is better than a field goal.

Rushing the ball is good for nothing other than running down defenses and killing the clock in the new NFL. If you can't pass in this league, and if you can't put up 3 or more touchdowns in any given game, then chances are that you're not going anywhere in the postseason.

And anyone who thinks our wide receivers are "great," I hope you all saw what truly "great" wide receivers can do for an average quarterback. And I hope everyone who $hits on Roethlisberger for not doing enough, I hope you all saw what an average quarterback like Eli can do when the offensive line gives him 5-10 comfortable seconds in the pocket.