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Thread: so depressing

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    I don't care who wins the SB, as long as it's not the Ravens or 49ers (Ravens for obvious reasons, but the 49ers would be tied with us at 6)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattyVfromCT View Post
    I don't know what's worse, how we got embarrassed last week or how new england completely destroyed the team that embarrassed us last week. High powered offense my ***. Only between the 20s. Our opponents' best redzone defense is bruce dumb **** arians. He has to go and quite frankly its time the stubborn old man goes. How the **** do we make no adjustments and let tim ****ing tebow pick us apart when our d was the best in the nfl and the goddamn pats' worst ranked d shut him down. Talent doesn't win on its own. You need a good gameplan and at this point our gameplanning "ability" is pure horseshit.......

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    Looking back, it's more of a kick in the junk to see the Patriots destroy the team that the Steelers had no business even allowing to be in the game man. Last weekend was tough, yesterday was just as bad.

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