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Thread: Broncos Poem (01/08/12)

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    Broncos Poem (01/08/12)

    My season ender ...

    Wild Card weekend at Sports Authority Field at Mile High
    Steelers vs. Broncos - Sunday afternoon was do or die
    The Steelers should win - that’s what the experts were saying
    Those are just words - games are meant for playing
    We’d have to start without Clark, Pouncey or Mendenhall
    And Denver deferred so we’d start with the ball
    On the first drive Heath got 8 yards and then 33 more
    Helping us downfield and to a Shaun Suisham score
    Both teams would punt and on Denver’s next turn
    Woodley and Hampton leave injured we’d learn
    We were soon back in range for one of Suisham’s kicks
    It hooked left in time and we’re now up by six
    The 2nd quarter started and little did we know
    We were about to see the best of Tim Tebow
    A long bomb to Decker and he was hurt on the play
    An incomplete pass is what the officials would say
    On the next play Tebow let another one fly
    And then 2 plays later the score was a tie
    Keisel was injured and his day would be done
    Prater kicked the point after and put the Broncos up by one
    On Denver’s next drive Tebow scored for them again
    And when it was our turn Carter intercepted Ben
    This time we held them to just a field goal
    But the Steelers were now in a 11 point hole
    Prater put another kick through the upright
    If we were going to come back it was going to be a fight
    And that’s just what we did as the 3rd quarter began
    1st and goal to Wallace and around the right he ran
    Fast forward to the 4th and 3 more points by Prater
    Followed by another Suisham kick a few minutes later
    Woodley recovered McGahee’s fumble on Denver’s next drive
    Cotchery made an awesome TD catch to keep us alive
    A few mistakes would keep us from a game winning kick
    Ben gets sacked as the last 3 seconds of regulation tick
    Overtime was over faster than it started
    A Mile High Miracle left us broken hearted
    Before this game we were the team no one wanted to face
    Injuries probably kept us from our rightful place
    While this loss was tough and still certainly stings
    We can’t wait to see what next season brings
    Thank you for the memories from the season of 2011
    Everyone get healthy and come back to climb the Stairway to 7

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    Good job, SteelersGirl!!

    Have enjoyed all your poems!

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