Heres a quick mock, early in the process but touches on the needs of the team in a direction i think they could possibly go.

1. Peter Konz, G/C Wisconsin
Imo hes a better center prospect than Mike Pouncey was last year, and with the steelers drafting him he could play guard or center. I would try to work him in at center and put pouncey at left guard to make sweet sweet sex on turf at the position. Pouncey would thrive as the most athletic guard in the league while konz held down the center spot like a rock.

other possiblities: Cordy Glenn, Dontari Poe, Donta Hightower, Mike Adams, Osemele, Alfonzo Dennard, Chase Minnifield, Vontaze Bufict, Quinton Coples

2. Brandon Washington, OG MiamiWashington is just a super athletic, mauling guard. Getting him and Konz in rounds 1 and 2 makes the interior line go from bad to terrific. Honestly an interior of Pouncey, Konz, and Washington would easily compete for the best interior line in the league and would probbaly out do carl nicks and jhari evans in new orleans. Marcus Gilbert and Willie colon would be able to dominate at tackles with these guys holding down the interior which has been such a weakness for years.

other possibilities: Taamu, Jesse Chapman, Stephen Gilmore, Mark Barron, Bruce Irvin, Kevin Zeitler, Keenan Robinson, Matt Reynolds, Mike Brewster

3. Jared Crick, DE Nebraska
This provides us with a great lineup of depth and youth on the dline. You have keisel who is a master of the position and can also play OLB in the pinch, you have Hood who isnt that great at anything but can play NT in a pinch, and then you have Crick and Heyward who are both prototypical stack and shed DEs in our could just end up being a mean rotation on a once very old dline, injury could lead to crick falling this much, but really hes a late first or early second round talent.

4. Brandon Boykin, CS/FS/RS Georgia
We need a new return man with Brown starting and Sanders not overly good at it, and really we need to keep drafting CBs to compete because while Lewis showed a ton of improvement and they like what brown and allen did as rookies we need someone to not only lock down the the NB spot but we need quality players that can grow into replacing gay and even ike in a few years. Boykin profiles as more of a NB but that is ok if lewis and brown were to lock down CB spots and cortez allen could possibly make a run at FS.

5. Jeff Demps, RB Florida
He may go much higher than this but with his size who knows....hes small but has elite speed....that didnt help Trindon Holiday and Noel Devine though....he would compete with baron batch for the 3rd down spot

6. Blair Walsh, Kicker, Georgia

Pretty self explainatory, hes the top kicker this year imo and we need a new reliable kicker.

7. Renard Williams, DT Eastern Washington
Just a big bodied DT to compete with Al woods, Steve mccledon, and probably Anthony Gray if they bring him back with Chris Hoke retiring and Hampton on his last leg.