I know many people haven't mentioned this but I believe the Steelers must start looking for a replacement for Big Ben. He will be thirty in March. I am not saying that he is old, but the way he plays football is way different than that of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. He plays football like a running back. Most backs typically start the decline around thirty. We witnessed this year what it is like to have a quarterback like Ben who can't play the game like they want to. What if that injury wasn't a high ankle sprain? What if it were a full tear? Could he come back an play like he wanted too in the future? I would be willing to draft a quarter back like Matt Simms and groom him for the future. I don't believe Dennis Dixon will ever fit the style of offense that we play.
I look at a situation like Brett Farve and Aaron Rogers, (perhaps they drafted too early--reality they didn't-but did put Farve out the door early) where they could bring a guy in set him on the bench and allow him to get comfortable with this system. Listen you can't replace a QB like Roethlisberger but you can be proactive and get a player who will fit your system in the future.
New England did this when they drafted Ryan Mallett earlier this year. He could be a great pick up for them, some say that he could be a better QB than Andy Dalton if that is possible.