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Thread: Where does the Denver game rank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Liar! lol

    I feel like Tebow had sex with my mother then punched me in the stomach!
    That bad? Are you serious?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorp View Post
    That bad? Are you serious?
    LOL, pretty bad I won't lie...

    I think the part that stands out that I cannot get out of my mind is that last drive B4 OT they just let the time run off during a drive that could of ended it!

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    [QUOTE=Go 'Lers;474556][SIZE="4"] terms of painful losses? I can't remember such a game where things didn't go our way that live in lore like this game.

    • The 4th and 3 in the '94 AFC championship?
    • The roughing the kicker call in the '02 divisional round against the Titans?
    • Now, the quick strike 80 yard touchdown in sudden death OT on the first $@&#ing play by Tebow of all people?

    this loss doesent rank that high in modern steeler history (Cowher yr+)

    1) 94 AFC championship game Chargers) this was our yr (would lose SB however)
    2) 2001 AFC championship game (Pats) this was our year (and I HATE PATS)
    3) 2004 AFC championship game (pats) this was our year (^^^^^^)
    4) 1998 AFC champ (Broncos) kinda our year
    4) 2002 AFC divisional (Titans) Bad call^ this WASNT our year but bad call hurts
    5) 2010 SB But Green bay was better

    The Denver game is no worse than the jags in 07 as we would NOT beat the PATS next week with all our injuries and would rather lose to TEBOW than BRADY

    My favorite win was the 2008 AFC championship game as it was finallly a HOME win for the fans

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    The worst because Denver really sucks. What an embarassment. I can't wait til I fo gedda bout it. Will be a long time. Tebow is a complete fluke. It just so happens that there scheme has not been discovered completely. In fact they don't have a scheme at all and it is fn every other teams counter plans. How you gonna defend against this idiocy with a team that looks and plays like the Steelers 2011. Result, we couldn't. I don't think they can BS their way to SB though. The contenders have the staff that the Steelers don't and that should stop and shut the Doncos down.
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    And their fans.

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    This loss wasnt even painful for me. Shocking is a better word. Also, embarrassing. It was painful to lose the SB last year, but that just doesnt fit for me this year

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    Its not that painful. Look we live and die with our secondary even though it was ranked #1 you never knew what kind of play you were gonna get from week to week. ****** O-line with a banged up Qb. Its not that big of shock that we lost. If it was any other Qb it wouldnt be that big of deal. Just another 1 rnd knockout. You gotta give Tebow credit when credit is due and he played pretty good in big moments.

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    agree...not too painfull...the 92 yd Drive from flacco was more tough to stomach....this way we dont have to get a beatin by the Pats next week...we are too beat up ...its a minor blessing

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    Quote Originally Posted by elephantman View Post
    agree...not too painfull...the 92 yd Drive from flacco was more tough to stomach....this way we dont have to get a beatin by the Pats next week...we are too beat up ...its a minor blessing
    i think the team felt it too. well they played like they felt that way.

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    Ike Taylor said today on his weekly show that this loss hurt more than the super bowl. You'd think maybe he was nuts but in a sense I can see his point. His poor play was a contributing factor to the loss. You certainly can't put it all on him though.

    For me this one stinks because they came back, were so close, and then blew it. In the end though I didn't have that much faith that they'd be able to even field a team the following week much less figure out a way to win again.

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    This game is no where near other losses. Getting shut out on the 1 in the AFC championship game (John L would have gotten you that yard Dad). Neil O'Donnell's choke of the super bowl. Last year getting down 2 scores quickly.

    This game isn't anywhere near them. We were terribly injured, missing a couple key players and sustained several more injuries during the game. Not to mention the game planning was terrible.

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