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Thread: Who are you rooting for now?

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    Saints to go all the way. Houston to knock off the Ratbirds.
    For that matter ANYONE to knock off the Ratbirds! I have a route
    in the Balt/D.C. area so I don't need to hear anymore crap from those
    nitwits if I can help it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elephantman View Post
    Its going to be New England or Baltimore in the SB..we know that......I PREFER THE RAVENS....I hate the Pats More!!!...I know this isnt the popular pick here.....I have some respect ofr these guys TBH .....with that said, I hope they lose to New orleans, i dont want them to win, but Denver or Houston has no chance to beat both these teams

    I want the saints....they only have 1 SB and whats their to hate about them..I wouldnt mind the Giants but they have NO chance
    this is my feeling too, its probably going to come down to the pats or the ravens in the afc, and i plain hate them, i rather see the ravens in the superbowl lose to the saints

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    Im gonna be straight forward. Im gonna go with the Ravens. Why? Cause I usually go to bmore about 4 times every summer and actually enjoy the city. Im an orioles fan so thats why I go. I love going to Pitt also but I like bmore just the same. I talk to O's fans who are ravens fans at the games and its pretty nice to see what there views are and such. Its the idiotic ratbird fans that make them look like *******s. I like what the ravens have done this year and such and think it would be cool to have a AFC north team win the superbowl with a good defense and good offense. The other teams who are in it dont have really good defenses and Id like to see the ravens shut them down. Ive seen the steelers win two superbowls in my life so far and am very content with it. I wouldnt mind if the ravens won, it would be good for the AFC north. Also it was good to have cincy in this year showing how competitive the north was probably making it the toughest division in football which makes me proud to say that my team plays in it. I know I will catch alot of **** for this but Im ok with my pick. My NFC team would be the saints also. I think Brees deserves another ring and I think he will get that, maybe not this year but he will get another sometime. I would never pick Tebow due to the fact is that the whole offseason thats all that would be talked about and the Pats are a pain in the *** especially with the boston fans.

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    I think I'd puke if the SB was Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh.
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    AFC...houston and nobody else

    NFC...Saints and to a very lesser extent, the giants

    other than that, much like in politics, i'll be against more people than i will be for.
    "Today, I'm officially retiring a Pittsburgh Steeler. And as much as I will miss football, my teammates, coaches and everything about the game, I don't want to play it in any other uniform. The black and gold runs deep in me, and I will remain a Steeler for life."--Hines Ward

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    Texas in the AFC, Giants/NO in the NFC.

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    i really dont care now that the steelers are not playing. i just hope the broncos dont win because im already sick and tired of hearing about tebow. if i had to pic id probably go with the packers. i do like aaron rodgers even though he torched us last year. i think the 49ers have a good enough running game to keep the ball away from brees and maybe win that game

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    Anybody but a Harbaugh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmerrifield View Post
    I like Houston or the Saints. As long as its not the Pats, Ravens or Packers I will be happy.

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    I really like what i saw when the Texans ran over the Bengals. Starting to make a believer out of me but we'll see if they can carry that momentum in M&T Bank Stadium and ko the ravens. I really want that to happen. But, may the best team win. As for the Saints and Giants, redemption is calling and either these 2 teams can and probably will go to Indi. However, i'm leaning twards New Orleans to crash the party and make a huge statement. But ask yourselves this question. Saints barely lost to the Pack in the season opener and they should have won. The Giants almost got by the Pack. Which team has a better chance at knocking out/dethroning the Packers?

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    Ravens vs the Saints will be the SB I'm afraid!

    Doesn't matter who we root for this will be the outcome!

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