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Thread: Who are you rooting for now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Troyisabeast_43 View Post
    The Ravens odds of winning the Super Bowl just went up a great deal this weekend with both the Saints and Packers both being eliminated. The Ravens have a better chance of beating a team like the 49ers or the Giants because neither of those teams are going to put the kind of points up like a Brees or a Rodgers can do, and the Ravens can win a game in the 20's where Flacco doesnt have to carry the load and put up a ton of points. Im with a lot of other people on here when I say I would rather see Brady or Belichick win another Super Bowl then have to stomach seeing Harbaugh and the Ravens win it. I still think that Brady and the Patriots will be able to take out the Ravens on Sunday in the Championship game. Joe Flacco is going to have to step up and carry the load a lot more in this game then he did in the Houston game. I just dont see him being able to out play Tom Brady and that offense on the road. If the game was in Baltimore I would give them a better chance. This is where those losses the Ravens had to the Jags and Seahawks are going to haunt the Ravens because it would have much easier for them to win this game in Baltimore then it will for them to win this game in Foxborough.
    I'm sure they are kicking themselves for not beating those teams they should have and they could be at home, no doubt. Belichick is tough to beat in the post season especially at home. If there is anyone that can gameplan a way to expose the other team, it's him.

    I'm beyond a shadow of a doubt a Patriots fan this weekend, listening to those purple fans go on about the super bowl for an entire offseason would be enough to make me find the nearest cliff and jump.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravens1 View Post
    Interesting choices...I will say Ravens myself. : )

    ...what's more interesting to me is that, aside from not knowing which Joe Flacco is going to show up on any given Sunday, when the Flacco who can click on all cyclinders does show up, I believe the Ravens and the Steelers are more in common with each other than any other teams in the NFL.

    The more I think about it, IMHO...our rivalry seems more like a sibling rivalry (our aggressive game play is so similar it's as if we share some of the same DNA), which can be hate filled at times. Don't ask me how I know.

    "We swept them, but don't be fooled – we'll see them again in January," Baltimore linebacker Terrell Suggs said. "This is the only team in the world that can play like we play and match us blow for blow."

    I'm sorry we won't meet up in the post season. Watching our teams play each other is the only matchup that reminds me of how football used to be played not so long ago.

    no panzyassery when those two meet. football at its finest. mud blood and guts. refs, stay the **** out of it. go have a frappucino while you wait to sign a TD.

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    as long as its not the Rayzens, who gives a $&it. Not feeling San Fran either, to close for comfort.
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