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Thread: This Steelers team has issues and their true colors are starting to show

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    Interesting discussion... I'll probably get killed for this but the type of leader I think this team needs is a Brady-type. The guy plays with fire. He gets in people's faces and gets them going. I like Ben a lot, but sometimes with him it's just like "awwww shucks, we'll get'em next time."

    As far as off-field activities, it's become a new generation and as much as I don't like it, I've accepted it. Part of being in the game is marketing and selling one's self now. The stuff Pouncey and Redman were doing is a little over the top but I guess I'll take that versus being caught with the mary jane or being accused of sexual assault.

    Hey, at least we aren't the Jets or Cowboys.
    Coming to you live from the Fortress of Steelertude!

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    I def agree with the Brady type leadership but Ben has his own way of doing it(which I dont really see as aggressive when needed to be). I just dont like how Wallace has been talking himself up. Yea, hes a darn good receiver but he comes off to cocky. I dont really like the "young money" name either for the receivers. Just doesnt seem something that would be giving to a Pittsburgh football team. Timmons saying hes gonna have a breakout year and get 10 sacks when he wasnt even close to it. I think he regressed this season alot, but I think he can bounce back. This team I dont think has a true leader in the coaching staff and on the field. Which is kinda scary.

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