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Thread: The timeout usages on the last drive were horrific...

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    Also, we have been known to waste precious time-outs in the 2nd half when it's not necessary. Perhaps last night was not a perfect example because we scored a TD to Cotchery after a TO but it was called on 2nd &10 (I believe) and that pass was Ben's scramble, it didn't look like anything that was designed during the time-out. Maybe I'm wrong on that but that's the way it looked to me.

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    He says all the right things to the media and he can get the guys motivated to play but his football knowledge is lacking.
    Exactly how I feel.

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    As has been said, Tomlin's clock management has always been questionable. But, as has also been said, Ben needs to wise up a little bit on that train too. I don't remember what game it was, it was recent, where the Steelers were driving with little time left, and instead of spiking the ball, Ben or Tomlin, whoever it was, took like 45 seconds off the clock trying to make a personnel change. Just awful.

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