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Thread: The theme of the 2011 Steelers season: Missed Opportunities...

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    The theme of the 2011 Steelers season: Missed Opportunities...

    That basically sums it up in 2 words right there. The Steelers had plenty of chances this season to right many wrongs that they did to themselves early on in the season and they failed and failed miserably each time. The two main things were the losses to the Ravens here at home where Flacco drove 92 yards and won the game in the final 8 seconds, and the second big missed opportunity was the loss in San Francisco on Monday night where the Steelers had they won that game had a chance to be in total control of the number 1 seed in the AFC had they won out the final 2 games which they did. The Ravens opened the door for the Steelers the night before that game and did them a huge favor by losing to the Chargers and the Steelers quite simply failed to take advantage of it what so ever.

    That in a nutshell right there sums up the Steelers season. They just never seemed to be able to win the critical big MUST WIN games that we are so accustomed to see them winning year in and year out. You just didnt have that feeling this year that this team even without all the injuries was a team that had a chance to go all the way and win a championship. It's time now for the Steelers to do a lot of soul searching and gutting of this roster especially on the offensive line and on the defense as well.

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    This is what i don't like about us, When Coward was here he would never adjust his game plan untill the 4th quarter, Tomlin is the same way, clock management is horrible with Tomlin as it was with Coward, Tomlin does not have these guys mentally prepared not to make stupid penalties, Coward was better at that, yesterday we should of played coverage more in the second half because the blitzing we did did not work out to good we were down 20-6 by half time, my point i'm making is until we get these problems settled that i mention above we will deal with this type of BS forever...

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    After getting behind the 8 ball on the first game, they fought back and fought back and had a chance right in front of them to take the divisional and at worst the #2 seed, possibly even the #1 seed. That was the icing on the cake for a season that we'd like to forget. Normally you think a Steelers team would go into that 49ers game and find a way to win at all costs.

    Should Ben have played in that game? I think you almost had too considering what was on the line, however given how bad he was limping around, Charlie Batch would have been the better option in hindsight. Banged up or not, you go on the road fight your way through adversity and win.

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    Yes it was a season of missed opportunities and many,many mistakes. I got a bad vibe about the season early on and to be realistic about it there didn't seem to be any real chance to be super bowl champs. You don't expect losing to an 8-8 team but injuries,age and a reluctance to play young players (to see if they're any good) bit them in the ***. Throw in a "hall of shame" game from Ike and it's a wonder they had a chance to win the game. The fact that they blew that chance,by getting to the 49 yard line and going 23 yards backward was the season in a nutshell.

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