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Thread: Steelers Old, Injured, and Done

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    Time to revamp this team

    A lot of you will not admit it but the defense looked old this season and the offensive line is below subpar. The whole O-line except for Pouncey needs to be replaced with some draft picks and free agents. Redman needs to start with Rashard coming off the bench.

    On defense the Steelers need to let Hampton, Smith, Harrison, Foote, Gay, Farrior, Ryan Clark and Timmons go. Time to rebuild and get younger via the draft and FA.

    Hampton--down hill
    Smith--getting up in age and injury prone
    Harrison--looks like he is down hill
    Foote--definately down hill
    Farrior--down hill
    Clark--too slow to play safety
    Timmons--disapointment since he was drafted

    Flame suit on...let me have it folks.
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