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Thread: Steelers Old, Injured, and Done

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    Steelers Old, Injured, and Done

    Experience only counts for so much in the NFL. The way the Steelers play, the bruising style of football, those 30 year old bodies don't bounce back as quickly. Hampton, Keisel, were all out by the end of the game. Clark, Hoke and Smith didn't play. Two of those players are on IR. That takes a toll.

    Hobbling QB. Although he wasn't visibly limping, his practice time was limited and you could tell that his timing was off.

    Ward is done. Get a good pair of dancing shows. Ward looks like a walrus on the field. He is so slow compared the other receivers.

    Need a TE. Health is great. He needs a complement. No one is afraid of Saunders.

    Young CB's are up and coming. This has to be good news. The Steelers will get an infusion of young CB's who looked pretty good this year. If Ike can't recover from yesterday's perform.

    Oline: Rotating line is great for game experience, but in the end it does you in because there is no cohesion. By the second half, you had Gilbert the rookie and Foster left as the only first string starters.

    The Oline needs to be fixed. As good as the defense was, they had a bad game and the offense was not there to bail them out. A good oline will give will open up the running game and give Ben more time to throw.

    The Steelers are developing some really good running backs. But none of that will matter if we have the revolving line.

    Need a TE. Saunders needs to step up next season and prove why he should have been a 1st round draft choice before his college problems.

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    It was Tomlins fault that Ben was still injured. He could have rested him the past couple weeks or ATLEAST last week.

    Noone is afraid of Saunders because when hes in there all he does is block. Have you seen his college career highlights. The dude can be better than Heath.

    I think the Oline did pretty good for the running game atleast but we need a G to keep that middle clean.

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    Saunders will be very good for us. We need ILB, CB and safety through free agency or draft. Arians needs to go and our offense would be so much better. I would like for Lebeau to retire too. I don't think that Tomlin is a good coach either but I am aware that he is not going anywhere...

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    The Steelers are a team in transition. From older players to younger, less experienced ones. That transition still has a bit to go. They need to get Steve Austin (bigger, stronger, faster) on both the OL and DL. Our LB corps is still excellent (with the exception of Farrior/Foote who are long in the tooth.) The corners have improved with the young guys, but even they got injured.

    We need: major overhaul on the OL. Another playmaker on D. Middle LB and a safety.

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    I don't believe they are done, they just need to change the schemes they been running since the early 90's. In the Draft/ FA We need BA to go,we need a real FB, Safety, CB, and a young OT.LG,ILB, NT...
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    Luckily the Steelers FO does not have knee jerk reactions like we fans do. Ward and Smith done ? I think so. Keisel, Hampton and Farrior too ? You are talking wholesale changes then. This team had the number one defense despite the Denver game. They had the number one pass defense. They wont change anything in the secondary except Mcfadden perhaps but he did not start anyway.

    Keisel, Pouncey, Hampton and Starks are all being evaluated for surgery today by team doctors. Pouncey has been injured since last season so age is not the only factor here. Mendenhall has had two season ended early due to injury and he isn't 25 yet.

    Expect continuity like it or not. I would like to see Arians gone but if Lebeau were to retire ( he was on a one year contract this year I believe) then that might be more change than the FO will allow.

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    Time to relize

    Our D is getting OLD and I have a feeling we will be in a fight to just finish second in the conference let alone third place. Yes our D is good but age is going to catch up with us and I see Cincy only getting better and Baltimore staying up there. So we really need to look at drafting younger guys and get them ready because I feel injury's caught up with us this year and next I have a feeling it will be worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelchamp204 View Post
    Noone is afraid of Saunders because when hes in there all he does is block. Have you seen his college career highlights. The dude can be better than Heath..
    This is what i call the Arians Effect..

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    NEED A NOSE TACKLE!! Go back and look at how long Tebum had to stand back there and wait on Thompson to come across. He just stood back there!!
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelchamp204 View Post
    It was Tomlins fault that Ben was still injured. He could have rested him the past couple weeks or ATLEAST last week.
    You don't get over a high ankle sprain in three weeks.
    Six Lombardi Trophies: Not coming soon to a city near you.

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