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Thread: Where it was lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelersbabex25 View Post
    Last time I'll say it, Denver did not rush 3. They rushed 5. If you ask JensK he'll say 4. Either way, they blitzed.
    thank you. I've seen that comment one too many times. It was 5 BTW. The fifth came on a delayed type rush.

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    it was lost taking a sack on the final drive....duh lol

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    It was lost allowing BA to board the flight! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by NHStlrfan View Post
    Simply put, the wrong defense was called and the wrong defender was assigned. It's that simple at that point.

    Further investigation will prove out that poor offensive play calling throughout the year resulted in injuries and underachievement. Tonight this also put our beloved Steelers in the postion they found themselves. But aside from all these factors, defensive play calling was also well below the bar for what we expect.
    It was the best defense in the league. With the new rules that encourage passing and scoring, it's probably impossible to get better on defense.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    It was lost when the Steelers settled for field goals in the first quarter. It was lost in the 2nd quarter when the offense couldn't move the ball...
    Defense and offense feed off each other. I'm sure the defense saw the lack of scoring in the first wuarter and said, "f#$k, here we go again. It's all on us." And after they said that, they folded like a cheap suit.

    Quote Originally Posted by elephantman View Post
    game was lost on the O line....3 men rush and Ben still has no time....
    Not to mention we probably score on that drive before that backup center tossed the ball to mid-field.

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    Exit Interview: Aging Steelers due for big offseason turnover

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