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Thread: Ike gave up over 200 yards today!

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    Lewis was in there!

    Dick refused to press his WR's, the past 3 weeks teams pressed them and assbow couldn't do ****!

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    Ike had a bad game but you cant expect a corner to be left alone ALL game on a receiver as big, fast, and physical as DeMaryius and not give up plays like he did. There was no safety help and the defense got NO pressure ALL game. You can't expect Ike to keep him in check when a QB has 6 freaking seconds to stand in the pocket and a let s receiver reroute like they were doing. And on that overtime play it was clear that Ike was supposed to have safety help over the top. He played it outside because he thought he'd have safety help. Ike deserves some blame but the defense as a whole was pathetic tonight.

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    The new rules are definitely better BUT why is it a TD is an immediate end to the game. it's not much better then first score wins. It is better BUT I think that the other team should still get a chance to score one also!!

    BITE ME ICS!...Woodsonsgirl

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlacknGold Bleeder View Post
    The new rules are definitely better BUT why is it a TD is an immediate end to the game. it's not much better then first score wins. It is better BUT I think that the other team should still get a chance to score one also!!
    The rule is there because driving 40 yards and kicking a cheesy FG to win is stupid. If your team drives the entire length of the field and gets a TD, they deserve to win. If we were to get the ball back like in college, we would have 4 downs to score a TD because we have to as opposed to their 3 downs.

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    They played us on that one for sure. No expectation of that pass. It sucked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelspikes View Post
    Still really stunned. Uncomfortably numb. But also at a loss to understand why Steeler 'D' was jamming the line on that fatelful last play.
    Since under the new Playoff Overtime Format, giving up a big play that nets the opponent a field goal is not fatal, and the only thing that is is giving up a TD, why risk it all by jamming the line?
    It just doesn't make any sense. Of course you need someone back...and there was nobody. I am simply baffled.
    You hit the nail on the head , me too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I still am in shock myself, however we can only blame our self's we played a great 1st quarter and then it was all down hill until the 4th quarter come back. We only gave up 8 yards in the 1st quarter. I still don's understand how one team can go from only getting 8 yards to 278 or something like that in one quarter. It was like the D was sleeping. So we really can't blame anyone but us after all we are the ones who blew it.

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    Came across this on the PG

    Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor took to Twitter this evening to apologize to his team, his family and Steelers fans for his play against Denver:

    Gotta give the guy credit for owning up to playing poorly. And its got to be especially disappointing for him, as Taylor was generally excellent this year, enjoying one of his finest professional seasons.

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    That made me sad.

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    hate to say i told you so.

    but i did.

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