Trolling around the internet this afternoon I was reading an article from Bruce Arians' weekly press conference with the Steelers media. He mentioned this during his talk, about how the Browns are one of the best in utilizing the 5 yd. cushion to beat up receivers. The Broncos also do this very well too he said. Link

Have you faced a lot of teams that press, man-coverage like the Broncos:

“Oh, yeah, many many. The Browns are probably the best at it. And the Browns do a great job of holding and grabbing and pulling on receivers within the five-yard frame. They were a really great warm up for these guys we’re going to play.”

How important is it for your receivers to be able to beat that?

“If we can’t beat it we won’t win.”

Does press-man take out or make harder the screen game for your receivers?

“It does. It takes it out some. They don’t play it all the time. They mix it in and out, but that part of it there are other answer to that too. We’ll use what we have to to get the ball out to those guys.”

Can you remember a year when you’d dealt with all this injuries?

“Close to it last year. Last year was more IR guys. This year it’s week-to-week, day-to-day who can and who can’t. You just go with the flow, man, you just take what’s there and go with it.”