About two years ago I got the idea to mix applesauce and bar-b-q sauce together. Sweetens up the taste of the sauce.

So far I've baked chicken and boneless pork ribs with it and usually get good reviews.

Just use a mixing bowl, put in applesauce and start adding bar-b-q sauce until you get a mix you like. The key is you make it to your taste as the cook. Never fail to ask a few people around you what they think before you bake with it.

The best it ever turned out for us was baking boneless chicken breasts in the mix for a while then "pulling" the chicken to make sandwiches.

It won't be a think sauce like you might be used to, turns out more like a marinade, but in my opinion it is damn good. I imagine using a crock pot and throwing some 'lil' smokies into this would be damn good as well.