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Thread: Issues at Center cause a ripple affect.

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    Issues at Center cause a ripple affect.

    He's been in the league for 2 seasons now and without a doubt is the Steelers best Center since Jeff Hartings and before that Dirt Dawson, is Maurkice Pouncey. After all the years of suffering through the Sean Mahan's at Center it's nice to have a guy like Pouncey who you have confidence in to be effective for a long term.

    The Steelers aren't used to having issues at Center since literally keep them around for a good 12-14 years or so normally. Now with Pouncey in the fold you would think things would get back to status quo. You would hope at least.

    Last year in the Jets game when he had the bad high ankle sprain and didn't play in the Super Bowl you figured he'd be good to go in 2011. Training camp comes, preseason and suddenly he's got problems again. Off and on through out this year he's been in and out of the lineup and it's of course been a problem trying to fit in Legursky or Essex at Center in his place. That disrupts everything else you do because Legursky was taking over Kemoeatu's spot LG before his injury problems started. Is Pouncey's injury going to be something that we see him having issues with for years to come?

    Only time will tell but the Steelers need to be prepared and have a quality Center ready to step in and stop this Legursky, Essex, merry go round.. You want your starting guys intact as much as possible and anytime you stick somebody at a position and they are the primary backup for another you run the risk of problems.

    It wouldn't be such a bad thing to take somebody on the line and make them the primary backup at Center and just leave them there. Allow them to be the main backup somewhere else too but if you make them a starter you're going to potentially have problems again.
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