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Thread: The Steelers are too injured to go all the way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    Really if anybody thinks if Batch starts gives the Steelers the best chance to win in the play-offs needs their freaking head I love the Steelers and I want them to win the Super Bowl every year but over the years as I have gotten older its just a freaking I think this team is to banged up to win it all right now and really at the end of the day its not that big of a Still had a good season regardless of the out come this post-season....I also wouldn't count this team out either since there still a ton of players on this roster that have won Super Bowls.....I do know this the Steelers will beat the Broncos.....
    I agree with all this but it doesn't tick you guys off a little bit that this team could/should be healthy and in the same situation playing at Denver on Sunday?

    These players did nothing wrong. They were told to play meaningless games. Only explanation I can come up with is some greedy higher ups wanted some games at Heinz and make some money. I would think the coaching staff would accept a healthy 5 seed over a banged up 1st or 2nd or in our case 5th.

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    Football is a contact sport which can cause injury it's also a business for both Owner and Player this is why they had a lockout, they get paid with incentives too and it's entertainment for me so no I'm not mad and I won't cry IF they don't win the SB but on the other side It's also great to be able to talk crap to other team fans when they win.
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    Well... Don't even get out the wildcard round and lose to the F'ing Broncos the other way... I hate to tell yinz I told you so but I TOLD YOU SO.

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