I was at that game. It was good untill they blew it and the Nats scored 4 in the 11th.

SteelersfaninPhilly, you should go. The stadium is amazing, there is a hotel right by it, and, if you go for a whole series, you just might get lucky and see them win one.

Anyway, I do think new ownership is needed. The Nuttings have to be the worst owners in sports. They don't spend money, they don't care about winning, they make a huge profit, and they refuse to even talk to anyone. They're quite comfortable with using McClatchy as a scapegoat, even though he has very little power now.

I heard the Pirates make enough from revenue sharing to almost pay for their entire roster without selling a single ticket. I have a baseball videogame in which the Pirates' budget is 65 million dollars. I got Ramirez back, and signed a few other people, and my payroll is still below that, at 61 million. If the Bucs spent 61 million dollars, they would have a pretty good team, and they can definitely afford it. Hell, the Nuttings just went out and bought Seven Springs for 100 million!

I think they rotation just needs some time to develop. I was watching the Nightly Sports Call on UPN, and they had the records and ERA of some of the Braves great pitchers back in their first few seasons. They were all the same or worse than the Pirates pitchers now. Tom Glavine was alot worse than Zach Duke. So you have to give the pitchers time. I think the oldest one, other than Wells, is 23 or 24. A couple years, and they'll be great, I think.

Other than that, obviously get rid of Burnitz, Randa, and Jose Hernandez. Then, spend that 10 million dollars on a good, consistent, power hitting right fielder. Someone who won't go into a huge slump along with everyone else when they start losing. I'd like them to get a star, but they won't, so I'd be happy with Jose Guillen. Guillen was crushing the ball at PNC Park last year, he's a pretty good hitter with good power, and he's not bad on defense. And he hasn't had any discipline problems for a while.