The Steelers secondary could look different by the time they take the field on Sunday in Denver. Ryan Mundy could be playing for Ryan Clark, and Anthony Madison could be playing for Keenan Lewis.

Fortunately they are playing a Denver offense that doesn't exactly light up the yardage stats in the passing dept. Tebow went just 6-22 for 60 yds in that 7-3 loss to the Chiefs. They've lost 4 straight as well.

If guys like Lewis and Clark can't play, it could affect Troy Polamalu as well. Perhaps he doesn't free lance quite as much, perhaps he doesn't hover near the line of scrimmage like he usually does. Ryan Mundy is a capable backup and has played opposite Troy before, but the chemistry that Clark and Polamalu have is pretty unique. They know what each other is doing and have a knack for covering all the bases when the other takes a chance to play the ball or go in run support. Maybe Dick Lebeau dials back some of the Safety pressure to give Madison and Mundy some help.

If there was a week for that happen, it's this week. Better to do it against Denver than say New England.

The Steelers lost two cornerbacks to injuries in Cleveland, Keenan Lewis with a hamstring and rookie Cortez Allen to a separated shoulder. They will decide soon whether Clark will risk playing in the high altitude in Denver, where his sickle cell trait caused a violent reaction in 2007 that required emergency surgery and nearly killed him. He lost his spleen and gall bladder from the reaction caused by exertion in the mile-high altitude.