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Thread: 2012 Steelers Offseason - Free Agents, Salary Cap

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    We heard this at the start of the season with the new contract signing of Lamar Woodley, Ike Taylor and a few others that the Steelers were going to be 20 million or so over the cap. With that being said, a lot of the older guys on the team such as Hampton,Smith,and Hines are either going to have to take big big paycuts so that younger up and coming talent can be resigned or they are just going to have to be flat our released. The Steelers and Tomlin and Colbert need to seriously for the first time in a long time take a strong look into free agency and signing a left tackle or someone who is going to be worth paying and bring them in here to help protect Ben and this offensive line. This o-line debacle each and every season is getting old and tiresome and it's high time the Steelers address it and do it in a big big way for a change because if they dont Ben Roethilsberger is going to continue to get banged around and be injured more often then not...

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    Ward has already said that he wants to play one more year. He has said this since last year. He is willing to take much less to play one more year. I believe that Ward was not only hurt last year with a neck and shoulder injury but he was hurt this year worse than we were led on to believe. I think his ankle was probably hurt fairly bad, enough that he wasn't able to get the push at the line of scrimmage to do his normal crossing routes.
    If he can come back healthy and puts in the work, I think the Steelers would be willing to resign him. The question is, does Ben want him back. I think there is still some issues, unresolved, stemming from last year and the entire Georgia issue.
    This team needs to get back to being a team and those who are not willing to be part of it should go.
    I think Batch has one more year left.

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    Willie Colon restructured....saves 2.85mil on cap per Ed Bouchette on Twitter
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    The key to our success next year is suring up the o-line

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