Hi I am a long time steelers fan.
I grew up in wvu in the east pan handle(martinsburgh,Harpers Ferry) where the Steelers where in the midst of their steel curtain glory days.

We got Steelers as the AFC game there and Redskins as the NFC game. My brothers and I grew up Steeler fans where as my Dad is a Redskins fan. I was 5 yrs old in 79' . I got got a Franco Harris kids steelers uniform(helmet with pads and all).

When I was 19 I was looking for colleges and there was only one I wanted to get accepted, Pitt. I did and so I lived in Tower B my freshman year and went to every single home game excpet one and both play off games and the championship where O'Donnel's pass was broken up in end zone and the Chargers went on to get slammed by the 49rs.

I am also a fan of the kicking game in general. It started becuase I played soccer as a kid and figured if I had one chance to be on that field with team it would be as a kicker. Well, I did not get that idea till I was 31 and did start working on my kicking game at Pitt stadium and Carnegie Mellon stadium. I was not kidding either I could consistently kick a 45 yarder but new I needed 55 consistely (or 75% at 55) to have a real walk on chance. It was a 2 year goal, but I was called up with the Army reserves out of Corapolis in 2003 for Iraq and figured I was definitely too old when I got back!

But what I had worked on kicking wise was I built a kick stand out of wood and painted it to hold the ball. It worked awesome. I watched nfl kicker coaches techniques which was a huge help. I was also taking karate to increase my kick power, balance and focus. But what I worked on more than anything was how to trick myself to succsefully kick clutch kicks. One day at Carnegie Mellon field I was imaging how, and I was bothered by imaging it as the red zone, so I decided to image it the "green zone" like a green light telling me go ahead and score. That positive thinking technique really worked by the way. I started day dreaming myself as the green zone kicker. Silly I know. Even sillier to confess it. I never told anyone but family jokingly. Anyway the whole idea of The Green Zone kicker I thought was cool so I wrote a childrens illustrated book called "The Green Zone Kicker" to share with other Steeler fans, but a Steeler fan of all ages would enjoy it. I make fun of both Cleveland and Baltimore by calling the ravens the "Baltimore Clevelanders". A Steeler fan would surely get the meaning of that. I don't want to tell you any more if you still have not read it yet.

I advertise it on this SteelersAddicts.com home page home page of this site half way down on the right.

I am a web developer so I made a site for it too greenzonekicker.

So what do I think a Shuan Suisham. Well I was cheering him on most the season. But his stats speak for themselves. To me whoever the current Steeler kicker is, is our "Green Zone Kicker". However I hate to mean, but we should not just be concerned about our Oline or Ben's ankle. If we need a 3 pointer at a critical time, Shaun is statistically in the bottom 3 in the leauge. I wish we could replace Shaun for one of the 85% (field goals made or better) kickers on teams that are not making it to the playoffs. Since we won't, we will just have to root and hope for the best. Becuase we did not lose the Superbowl by a field goal last year, we may not care to remember that he missed a 40 yarder(exact distance I am to tired to look up) but it was just a mid range attempt. He was 1 for 2 in the SB 50%. I really hope that if it comes to him in the post season to make a clutch to win, he will be our GreenZoneKicker!

It turns out that his misses this season has not costed us a game, however I believe the no kick against the Ravens becuase some players were confused was b.s. . It is what Tomlin claimed, but it was a very long kick. I think they were trying to get the Ravens offsides cuz the coach did not have confidence in Shaun for a long kick. But saying the players had some confusion in the post game as why they did not kick it was his easy out for the fact that had he let Shaun kick, he would atleast had a 60% chance at that range to make it. It is my opinion but as I see the game of football from the kicking game stand point as well, I pay close attention on not only the stats and kicker(and kick team) execution, but when we(and other teams) decide to kick or not kick.

Its 4am and I am beat. But glad to join this forum.