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Thread: 5 Steelers will head to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii

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    I think Brett Keisel has done enough to get into the pro bowl, he's an unsung hero much in the mold of what Aaron Smith was in his hay day.

    Quote Originally Posted by connecticutsteel View Post
    ray lewis,ed reed are lazy choices
    Isn't that the way it always is. People getting in their reputations instead of giving players a chance to make the pro bowl roster based on the current years stats alone. It will never be that way though.

    Fans will play the homer card and vote for their teams players even if they aren't deserving that year. Even though the players and coaches votes count for 2/3 of the total, even they are not immune to the popular choices every year.

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    The Steelers' hope is that none of their player suit up for the game as it means they will be preparing for the Super Bowl.

    This makes the pro bowl so much more meaningless than it ever was before. Many of the players people want to see and the best players can't participate because they are getting ready for the big game. Another stupid move by Bud Selig. . oh wait, that's baseball. I just assume every sport that gets Fed up is done by Bud Selig. I meant Rube Baker.

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