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Thread: Texans still that good?

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    Texans still that good?

    They're offense looked pretty pedestrian last night. Maybe the Colts were just playing inspired at home in prime time. Maybe their lack of a quality QB is starting to catch up with them?

    That defense which is still ranked in the top 5 in the NFL has looked average the last 2 weeks.

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    Losing Matt Schaub obviously killed their offense. Imagine ours if we had Dennis Dixon starting the last 6 games. Yeesh.

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    If they had a healthy offense, they'd be the scariest team in the AFC, but right now they don't seem like a team that can win a playoff game. They couldn't even beat the Colts.

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    They have potential just like we do. Their Offense is hurt without their starting QB just like ours is...thankfully, we will get ours back.

    Houston's D is awesome...been off just a bit lately but we've had bad D games too...all things considered, they are just as dangerous as we can be...just depends what day it is I guess

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    If they can run the ball and get their defense back on track they can be dangerous in the post season. If you get a team that can shut down Foster though, they are going to be in trouble trying to score points.

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