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Thread: Ward Has No Plans To Retire

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    Ward Has No Plans To Retire

    Ward claims he isn't ready to retire and while I admire his attitude I cannot see him back next year without a substantial paycut. He has 2 years remaining on his contract at a substantial sum of money. He will have had his poorest statistical year of his career when this season ends so he will have little bargaining power to retain the current contract.

    Ward has been one of my top 10 steelers players ever, but even I can recognize when the time is up and it is here for Hines. Would love nothing better than for him to prove me wrong, but he deck is stacked against him.
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    Glad to hear it. He has accepted his reduced role on this team in a classy manner and I hope he is willing to restructure his contract as well. This way, He can go out on his own terms, but I would have to believe 2012 season will be his swan song.

    Seeing what he has accomplished over a 14 year career with less than stellar QB's (Ben notwithstanding) and an offense predominantly run oriented, it is awe inspiring.

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    Unfortunately, there are plenty of the "mind is willing, body is unable" players on this roster right now. I hope he can contribute some more, but you start wondering at what point is he no longer worthy of that roster spot.

    Right now, I would have a difficult time keeping Ward over Cotchery.

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    Maybe Ward will finish his career in Seattle like Franco did.

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    Will Ward be back next season?

    Regardless of whether or not he gets 1000 receptions this year, is there a chance he`ll be back?
    I think he`ll be back! But he`ll have to except the fourth or fifth receiver role. Cotchery looks pretty damn goos and I hope he is back with us next year. Sanders?? Alot of injuries so still not sure what we have in him. I`m sure the contract will come up Ward makes a little much for a fifth receiver option, and a 6th or 7th option overall!

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    Ward needs to take a pay cut if he wants to remain a Steeler period...Plus only as the 5th WR at best.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    Ward needs to take a pay cut if he wants to remain a Steeler period...Plus only as the 5th WR at best.......
    absolutely...he is a great option as their will always be injuries, so he will be a great option ..with no injuries he's still a great 5th receiver.....but not at 4 Mil a year...if he's not willing to take a pay cut, he deserves to go..and from this interview , I wonder

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    Hines has a hefty price tag in 2012, if he wants to return he's going to have to restructure for sure or take an outright paycut. You simply can't afford to pay a 4th or 5th wide receiver 4 million for the season. His cap hit is just over 4.6 million when you factor in the prorated signing bonus.

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    I'm pretty sure Ward won't make any real decisions until after the season. If we win the Super Bowl, he retires for sure. If we don't, I would not be surprised if he comes back for another year or two hoping to get one more Super Bowl. As much as he loves to play, he knows how much he has slowed down but he will never admit it. He isn't stupid either... he knows that he will have to take a pay cut to remain on the team next season.

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    i think he'll be playing elsewhere if he wants to play in 2012....perhaps in AZ or with a cowher led team

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