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Thread: Exhibit A for Firing Arians?

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    Exhibit A for Firing Arians?

    We have an offense with significant weapons at QB, RB, WR and TE and we have put up very little in the way of points over really, much of the season ( I think we average around 20 PPG). My first reaction is to analyze the defenses we've played this season.

    We are currently the #1 overall defense in the league followed by....

    Our point total on the end.

    2 Houston Texans 10
    3 Baltimore Ravens 7/20
    4 Jacksonville Jaguars 17
    5 San Francisco 49ers 3
    6 Cincinnati Bengals 24/35

    Avg. of about 10 pts. per game

    of our 14 games played, 7 of them have been against these top 6 defensive teams.

    The other 7 games have been played against the following

    8 Seattle Seahawks 24
    14 Cleveland Browns 14
    16 Kansas City Chiefs 13
    19 Tennessee Titans 38
    20 Arizona Cardinals 32
    28 Indianapolis Colts 23
    32 New England Patriots 25

    Avg. of about 24 pts. per game

    The final two games will of course be against

    21 St. Louis Rams
    16 Cleveland Browns

    My final hypothesis? Well, it's nothing new and nothing that will shock you, but it is clear to me that Arians gets outcoached and out-schemed by many defensive coordinators, especially the good ones. We have way too many offensive weapons to be scoring this poorly. Yes, the offensive line woes are an issue, but this offense needs a guy who can stick with what works and at the same time, change things when needed without trying to re-invent the wheel. I believe Arians just can't adjust well enough for this team to be successful against solid defenses.
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    49rs 20 Steelers 3.

    And their fans.

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    There are plenty of us who have been screaming for BA's head for years. The sad part is, he calls a good game, once every 5-6 games and all is forgiven. Everyone pats him on the back, gives him props and the very next week, he fubars the game plan once again. Until the FO and Tomlin realize he's a detriment to our offense, BA will be here. One more thing.....Ben needs to quit cheerleading for BA!!!

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    I know we all want Arians head, but there are more problems then play calling. Our offensive line needs to be healthy just once for more then a quarter, this is the biggest fault to our offensive problems. Then Health at WR. Once Sanders was out, Hines and Crothery don't have the speed to run our plays for Ben to survive behind that line. If we had an offensive line like any of the other teams that have top defenses, we'd be much better. 19 carries by Mendenhall is just not enough to protect our QB. How much longer will he last playing on bad ankles, feet, and injured hands/noses. If we can't take better care of our QB, the play calling won't improve. I'm not by any means happy with our OC, but it starts with taking care of our franchise QB. If we don't fix that, there is no OC that will help us. I'd love to have shorter passing game, but without running the ball, it will not improve. There is just no respect for our oline from our opponents and they just keep blitzing and blitzing until we fix that line.

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    Exhibit A? steeldad, A? i think we've run through the alphabet, both english and greek, and might be on to roman numerals by now. maybe exhibit XLVI?
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    I think probably the biggest reason he is still here is because Ben keeps saying he wants him to stay.

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    Bring back Mike Mularkey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelDad View Post
    We have an offense with significant weapons at QB, RB, WR and TE and we have put up very little in the way of points over really, much of the season
    In fairness, the OL is a disaster. Although, counter to that point is that BA doesn't have a gameplan that tries not to put pressure on the OL. Instead, his game plan is this: OK, everyone go out for a pass. Ben will run around until one of you get open and then he'll throw it to you.

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    Here's another way to look at it...using the Pts /game against the top 10 scoring Defenses

    1. SF 13.2 3 pts scored BEN not near 100% loss
    3 Ratbirds 16.9 27 pts avg 13.5 first game terrible performance 2 losses
    3 Houston 16.9 10 loss
    5 Miami 19.2 DNP
    6 Seattle 19.5 24 win
    7 brownies 19.6 14 win
    8 Ten 19.6 38 win
    9 Atl 20.1 DNP
    10 Bungles 20.2 59 pts avg 29.5 2 wins

    Our Offense averages 20.4 per game ranking 22 in the league. So we have 4 losses against 5 wins with one to be played,Brownies. Granted if we we scored our avg we win all the games, but we all know it didn't happen. So things may not be as bad as we think ,we just expect wins all the time.

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